Faces of Evil in Construction – Mario Sigala *Denver Edition*

Faces of Evil - Construction Fraud Edition. Meet Thief, Fake Contractor and Possible Murderer Mario A. Sigala

This website is dedicated to Mario A. Sigala and his No Mas Construction Fraud Scam, where Mario A. Sigala of Colorado falsely portrays himself as a licensed contractor, commits numerous accounts of fraud and misrepresentation, creates fake contracts, lies, cheats, and steals your money and threatens to kill you.



UPDATE: Mario Sigala has made false copyright claims, claiming copyright to photographs showing him at the scene of his crime in attempt to hide his likeness, so he can scam and possibly murder YOU.  The Mario A. Sigala Construction Scam is the latest multi-part fraud operation that you need to be aware of.  Here is Mario Sigala on the phone at one of his crime-scenes.

sigala crime scene

Beware.  6’2 Hispanic Male Mario A. Sigala

You know you have fallen victim of a Mario Sigala “No Mas Construction Scam” when your property is left in shambles, your money is stolen, and someone named Mario A. Sigala threatens to murder women, children and anyone who gets in the way of his scam, or anyone who contacts the authorities.


As mentioned previously, an all new tactic by assailant and fraud and theft perpetrator Mario A. Sigala, is claiming copyright to photos that were taken of him in order to deceitfully temporarily have the photos removed from the internet, so he can potentially commit murder without repercussion and without his likeness being attached to his crimes. 

Mario Sigala is a 6’2 (approx.) Hispanic male.  More photos of this likely dangerous criminal will be coming soon and there may currently be a reward of $10 per photo, for submitting photos, which positively identify Mario Sigala, which can be used on this and other websites.

An ongoing effort to protect you, the reader, from Mario Sigala’s latest crimes and attempts to keep his construction scam alive will be detailed and updated frequently.

Please submit identifying photos that you have taken of Sigala to: info@constructionfraud.us and you  may be eligible for up to $10 per photo, simply by submitting them to this site for use to help bring awareness to the Mario A. Sigala Construction Scam.

Please report suspicious Mario Sigala activity right here in the comments section and again, please be aware of the No Mas Construction Fraud Scam and beware of doing business with Mario A. Sigala, a Hispanic male in the State of Colorado.  This may be your final warning.



No Mas Construction – Consumer Warning: Mario A. Sigala Construction Fraud

No Mas Construction – Consumer Warning Per Our Experience With Mario A. Sigala and No Mas Construction



This site is dedicated to Colorado’s No Mas Construction and the potentially violent and criminal activities of Mario A. Sigala of Denver, Colorado.

We would additionally like to encourage others who may have been affected by Sigala to step forward without having to fear being murdered, or having your loved ones killed by Sigala.

No Mas Construction, according to the Denver Building Department is UNLICENSED and Mario A. Sigala, who is the owner and head “contractor” of the business is not actually a licensed contractor.

Mario Sigala was hired to do a basement remodel. He offered to do additional work if paid up-front, then the events which transpired seemed right out of a movie:

Mario and his crew of laborers, in the opinion of those viewing the construction site after Sigala neglected his contractual obligations leaving a disaster, did work which was hazardous and negligent. A very dangerous construction area with hanging live wires and an absolute mess of drywall dust and debris.

It was not uncommon to find Sigala and his crew drinking on the job, leaving a mess of beer cans and ruining much of the furniture and items they were paid to move. Such a mess was left in the wake of No Mas Construction and Mario Sigala in Denver that much of it still exists today.

Mario A. Sigala created several fake contracts as well, of which I have copies.

When confronted about the mess and finishing the job, Mario A. Sigala was not about to give up his plan and scam to lie, cheat and steal, and create fake invoices. When Sigala was told that the building department and the authorities would be contacted, Mario A. Sigala advised that he would murder a pregnant woman and her boyfriend.

Mario A. Sigala is a fake and fraudulent Denver, Colorado contractor according to the Denver Building Department. Sigala pocketed money, and disappeared without doing the work he was paid to do, leaving a disaster in his wake. Sigala threated to murder his victims if they reported his activities to the authorities.

Mario A. Sigala, No Mas Construction: Beware of Construction Scam * Fraud * And Possible Murderer

Mario A. Sigala, No Mas Construction: Beware of Construction Scam * Fraud * And Possible Murderer

Mario A. Sigala - Construction Fraud * Scam Artist * Possible Murderer

Beware Mario A. Sigala in Denver Colorado - 6'2 Hispanic Male, Late 30's


"You have been a victim of a Mario Sigala No Mas Construction Scam when your property lies in shambles, your money has been stolen and Mario A. Sigala is threatening to murder women, children and anyone who gets in the way of his scam or anyone who contacts the authorities."